Military Appreciation

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Own the Moment

Fully branded experience on the site during our highest traffic events. Co-brand the entire experience - from map to app to newsletter to social - around the military holidays that matter most.



Military appreciation spikes around military holidays and inflection points. Stand out from the crowd with a co-branded experience in the most comprehensive military discount resource.

Military Appreciation Days include front-and-center placements on our home page, interstitial loading pages, and map experience. It also includes repeated exposure on our email newsletter, social media channels, and push notifications leading up to the holiday.

Inflection Points include serving those that serve us. Our platform creates a unique opportunity to create special experiences, like supporting military spouses when their partners deploy, helping a sailor during a local Fleet Week, or rewarding service members on their birthdays.

These campaigns are fantastic to pair with an interesting military story, a fun & engaging contest, a generous giveaway, or a brand-new military-friendly product announcement.

Military Appreciation Days: (Custom days available)

  • President’s Day & Valentine’s Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Remembrance Day

  • Veterans Day

  • Christmas / Holiday Season

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