Active Bases

Scout Military Discounts’ database spans the globe. However, for a complete experience featuring unique stores, independent businesses, and comprehensive local listings, we are strongest in the following areas, with more coming soon!


Tacoma, WA

Tacoma, WA is the closest urban area to Joint Base Lewis-McChord, one of the largest joint bases. Pierce County is also one of the most veteran-friendly places to live in the world.


san antonio, tx

Remember the Alamo! - With Joint Base San Antonio and great military organizations like USAA based nearby, San Antonio has a rich military history and strong military discount culture.


Portland, OR

Scout was founded in Portland, OR. Despite not being known as a traditional military city, we can’t forget where we came from. Enjoy full listings when you visit the Rose City!


washington, d.c.

Our nation’s capital is proximal to several military bases and is home to many veterans that continue to serve after they leave the military. This means DC has a strong military discount scene, too!


san diego, ca

San Diego is one of the most desirable places to be stationed. With such a strong military presence and beautiful scenery, we’re proud to offer more complete listings in San Diego. Enjoy!


Seattle, wa

Seattle neighbors several military installations and is home to a strong veteran / military discount community. We proudly offer full listings to any visiting service member or military family.


Savannah-Hinesville, GA

Scout’s launch was on Ft. Stewart, so we’re happy to feature greater Savannah in our new directory. With hundreds of military discounts and beautiful scenery, we hope you enjoy Savannah as much as we do!


Santa Barbara, CA

Let’s hit up some touring shops. Let’s buy some antiques! Scout Military tested an early app iteration near AFB Van Den Berg and as a result, we have complete listings in this beautiful tourist town. Enjoy!


lawton, ok

A nod to our founder, Scout is proud to offer full military discount listings in Ft. Sill - a base so boredom-inducing that it drove a man to start a mobile app. Years on, we salute your time in Lawton, sir!

Dude, where’s my city?

Is your city or military base not listed here? Feeling left out? Here’s how to help…

Scout Military’s database is seeded by users like you, and then filled to completion by our team. Once we have a strong enough presence in an area, we come in and fill it out. Adding your favorite military discounts is essentially a “vote” for your area. So go ahead and add your favorite military discounts - it’s free exposure for military-friendly stores, and once we get a few added, our team will take over and do the rest!