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In 2014, an Army lieutenant with a mission to enrich the lives of the military community started Scout Military as a basic mobile app for discounts. Over the years, this mission has taken our team, investors, customers, and users on a journey to deliver a product that saves your family money while navigating civilian life. With trials in three military markets, on-base campaigns, and dozens of partnerships forged, we've had a blast building this out.

This mobile app displaying big-box discounts evolved into a crowdsourced database, an online marketplace, Groupon-style deals, a content base complete with guides, and more.

Today, we proudly offer a streamlined, simple experience that meets you in the middle. Whether you're in mobile, search, social media, or email; whether you only use us occasionally or we're a mainstay on your homescreen; we're working for you.

Our mission will always remain "to enrich the lives of the military community," but we wanted to share some specific lessons that have become baked into our ethos since we started.


It's about people

Vet Support



prefer supporting veterans over receiving a discount

We started off as a way for families to find military discounts. The ratings, reviews, and engagements were positive. However, as we talked with businesses & users, we learned that people cared more about community than savings.

We met users that intentionally frequent stores with a military discount - only to not redeem the discount. The discount is a sign of support, and that support is reciprocated.

We've spoken with businesses that offer extreme discounts - sometimes as much as 50% - to sell at a loss to military. The discount isn't marketing, it's truly supporting people.

Learning from that, we've taken steps to identify veteran-owned businesses in our database as well as ensuring that all of our online offers are from veteran-owned businesses or military-friendly businesses.


Supporting Spouses


Our surveys and user discussions have pointed out a sad trend: the majority of military spouses fall into the groups to the right...


As a result, the bedrock of military families aren't redeeming military discounts, even though most business owners would welcome their participation.

In fact, military spouses are eligible for nearly half of all military discounts as a standard procedure.

Scout has your back: it's our policy that all online and digital offers include spouses. Also, we're the only database that identifies eligiblity and redemption criteria; this way, spouses can be in-the-know about where they are included in the discount and can confidently engage.

This also brings us to our next point...


Hassle to redeem

Discounts lack signage

Not Eligible

Assume spouses are ineligible

Lack ID

Lack official ID

Redemption & Eligibility


We learned that with our first version of the app. Now, all listings identify eligibility criteria, and we also do our best with what to do once you're in the store. No more going out of your way or asking at the register with no idea if you'll be honored there.


We learned that with our first version of the app. Now, all listings identify eligibility criteria, and we also do our best with what to do once you're in the store. No more going out of your way or asking at the register with no idea if you'll be honored there.


Scout is the only national database with redemption & eligibility criteria

On your terms


At first, we led with our mobile app and paid some smaller attention to our web presence, social media, and email.

As we looked at our own lives, we realized the biggest impact wouldn't come by forcing users to start within our app. We all lead busy lives and as proud as we are of what we've built; we cannot expect everyone to fire up the Scout Military Discounts app every time they leave the house.

We heard you, and we get it. Now, we're pushing our discount database to web. This way our casual users can still get full value when searching for a discount. Also, it's no problem now if you simply find discounts by searching "Store Name Military Discount." In the new system, we'll meet you right there.

Also, rather than pushing all of our special offers exclusively through the app, you can now opt in to receive special offers via social, email, web, or mobile.


Never miss an offer

Every offer supports veteran-owned & military-friendly businesses, so don't be shy.

Keep it simple


You'll see the new experience is a simple web experience with just a couple options. Discount discovery and redemption should be simpler than the purchase process, so we're working to make it as simple as "push a button, get a discount." That easy.

As always, let us know if you have ideas on how we can simplify the app or make the experience match your habits, and we'll get on it!



In closing, we wanted to give you an update on what we've been doing. We've been in and out over the last year as we rebuild on social media and email, but we're alive and well.

We want to be clear with one thing:

Through Scout's evolution, one thing is constant: We exist to enrich the lives of the military community.

For as long as we're working, this mission will remain. We are open to talking to ensure we're doing our best to reach this goal. Thanks for your patience and continued support!


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