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Our mission:


We enrich the lives of the military community with a comprehensive military discount map (coming soon) and online military discount newsletter for active duty, veterans, retirees, military spouses, and military families.


What We Do

Whether on mobile or desktop, we deliver military discounts on your terms. That could be notifications, emails, or search. We save you money while respecting your privacy & time. This experience is made for all members of the military community, including active duty, reservists, National Guard, military retirees, veterans, and military spouses.


Military discount map (Coming soon)

Our military discount directory removes guesswork around eligibility, redemption, and availability before you hit the register. Use our app to search, filter, and explore nearby military discounts. Our map has discounts for military spouses, veterans, retirees, National Guard, Reservists, and military dependents.

Mobile notifications (Coming soon)

Get updates about local offers & special online military discounts by opting into mobile notifications. We promise that notifications are valuable and sensitive to your privacy and attention.

online military discounts

Our military discounts aren’t just for brick-and-mortar. Get special offers, online military discounts, and exclusive veteran deals in our newsletter. Every military product in the Scout newsletter is from a veteran-owned / military-friendly business.  

business & Organization listings

List your military discount or military organization for free! Share any details, terms, conditions, and we’ll take it from there. Listing with Scout also includes a chance at a write-up in the Scout Report newsletter.

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Veteran Family

Our Mission

Our mission is to enrich the lives of the military community. We believe that, of all military benefits, cash-in-hand is useful for all military families.

We value community. That’s why our directory includes military spouse discounts. Further, every online military discount supports military organizations and veteran-owned businesses.



scout military discounts native app review

“Scout has removed the awkwardness in asking if there is a military discount at new stores & restaurants. I love the convenience, value & genuine concern for the well-being of veterans!”

- Scout User



Our Reach

Scout Military is assembling the most comprehensive database of military discounts ever made. We aim to be a trusted source of products that 1) promote veteran-owned and military-friendly businesses, 2) offer a great military discount, and 3) support the non-profits and organizations that make this community great.



Communities served

Comprehensive military discount listings in Tacoma, Seattle, Portland, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Antonio, Savannah, and Washington DC.



nonprofits supported

Every product in the Scout Report newsletter supports veteran-owned businesses or military organizations.



thousand Military discounts

The largest, most comprehensive military discount database; and the only one with eligibility & redemption criteria.


Get Involved

We do our best to promote online & in-store military discounts. However, we’re only as strong as our community. Your support improves the military discount database, supports veteran-owned businesses, and benefits military-friendly organizations.


use the app

Add Scout’s military discount map to your mobile device home screen to store the database offline. Enable notifications for special military discounts!

Subscribe to the newsletter

The Scout Report newsletter is home to online military discounts and veteran-owned offers. Many military discounts are only available in the Scout Report!

add a discount

Adding discounts ensures that your favorite discounts get passed along to the next service member. Adding it once creates savings for thousands of others!

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Contact Us

Scout is run by a small team dedicated to providing the most comprehensive military discount database for free. You might catch us eating granola with the young retirees of Portland, Oregon; but a better bet is to leave a message and we’ll get back to you.

Let us know what you think of the project. We care!

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