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Roseburg, Oregon – Electricity was in the air for the 2016 Roseburg Angel Investor Network (RAIN) conference. Team SCOUT could not have been more excited to be one of the four finalists for the Launch Stage category. The selection process & due diligence experience was an involved one. Not everyone that applied was selected.

The four Oregon-based companies that presented, competed for $150,000 from about 15 local investors. Honored to report that SCOUT Military earned the grand prize in what was considered a close competition (SCOUT’s third investment check since starting to raise in August – we are moving!).


The three other finalists that presented were:

Holly Rockweiler with Madorra, the first non-hormonal, non-invasive medical device to treat vaginal dryness and atrophy. (She has a lot of grit talking about a subject most people would be embarrassed to. Holly and her team are truly fixing a problem most females are identifying with, according to the detailed research she presented).

Robert Beckius with APIS, a product allowing anyone to check the quality and safety of the air through their phone, or computer. (Robert is passionate about improving a problem we all identify with whether we know it or not. He presented some solid research, and we look forward to seeing APIS’s progress continue to grow).

Zach Hines with Ripclear, revolutionary patented lens protecting film technology. (This product is freaking amazing. Team Ripclear is going to take over the world with their film technology. Team SCOUT believes it is an absolute must they sell their products through our e-comm military marketplace & apps).
Much respect to all of them for a job well done. We hope we can work with you all in the future real soon.


The Concept Stage category also had some notable companies too. Holm Made Toffee Co., Two Shy Brewing, Bluebird Cupcakery, Wrappin and Rollin, and Simple Screens were all founded by hard working people. They each had an interest in making their local community better through good business. And you guessed it – there are a few who are interested in listing and selling through SCOUT’s website & apps. The keynote speaker Diane Mahoney touched on her personal trials when first starting out as an entrepreneur. And how she overcame them through persistence & determination. A lesson all of us can learn from.

The guest panel had great insight too. Tim Allen, Kyle Kipperman, Todd Edman, and Seth Buechley (who also spoke on gratitude), answered questions from the audience. A great learning experience to say the least. Gratitude was the main takeaway. Trevor Mauch shared a moving video & gave a few words of encouragement. A special thank you to Kemberly Todd, Debbie Caterson, and John McCafferty for being exceptional hosts at the event. And to Mr. Chris Burnett for his continued hard work.
And thank you to anyone not mentioned here, but helped make everything a success.


We wanted to post something celebrating such a successful event.
We do not take your investment in us lightly.

Team SCOUT has big plans for Douglas County (our definition of D.C.) as we prepare to scale and grow. Our aim is to unite local businesses to list and sell products through our marketplace & apps. This is going to be a great business model all people can support. Service members will save money by having a discount. Businesses will sell more products through SCOUT. And SCOUT facilitates the whole journey. Everyone wins, and good things start to happen.
We look forward to working with the D.C. community closely. The next few years of learning, building, and eventually growing will be worth all the challenges and hurdles that lie ahead. You are what make the SCOUT community.

And a special shoutout to Paul and his wife Lory. You inspired the entire Team to do more. And were a big reason why SCOUT made the trip to Roseburg a second time. Seeing you invest in your local community is inspiring.
The SCOUT fire rises.

More information about the RAIN event can be found at The News Review. To learn more about RAIN, please visit their website.

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